What to Look for in Candidate Responses

In our MELA Group recruiting process, we endeavor to hire people not just for their experience and skills, but also for how they might fit into our company. There are certain questions interviewers can ask that draw out the candidate’s real interests. Here are three categories of questions for which the responses speak volumes:

• Reason for Leaving Last Company: For some candidates, the parting might not be intended due to cutbacks. Others might have different reasons for leaving. The critical point interviewers should look for when candidates respond to questions about past employment is how they speak about their former employers. Those who speak more positively or neutrally about their last companies raise fewer red flags than those who complain.

• Résumé Alignment to Role: One of the chief things we want to know when hiring for MELA Group is how this person sees his or her skills aligning with the role. It’s a positive sign if they can articulate how their experiences relate directly to what we need for our team.

• Career Achievements: Since our MELA Group culture is team driven, we might look for people who share credit for their accomplishments over someone who doesn’t acknowledge the role others have played.

Whom you hire can have a significant impact on your team and firm.

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