We’re Adding Talent to Make 2020 a Major Success

We plan to open two new Mela Group offices during 2020, which means we need to expand our team. It will take exceptional efforts to turn our monumental goals into reality, so we’re looking for self-motivated professionals to come on board. Michael, our firm’s President, explained that we want to find people with the drive to lead their own teams.

As we evaluate potential additions to Team Mela Group, we’ll also be looking for student mind-sets. Professional development is a top priority within our workspace. Anyone who joins our team will need to be committed to learning new things every day. We challenge ourselves to go beyond our current skill sets, and stay ahead in a competitive marketplace.

Thankfully, for our newest associates, we provide a wide range of training options to help them reach their full potential. The learning begins on day one. We match every new hire with a seasoned team member who provides one-to-one coaching. This is the best way to ensure full knowledge transfer, and the fact that the knowledge comes from people who already thrive in our work culture is even better. In short, we position our associates to excel from their very first days with us.

New hires benefit from both initial coaching and ongoing education in our office. For more on how we prime people for success, follow Mela Group on Facebook.

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