Think Like an Athlete for Big Career Wins

Team Mela Group is geared up for Q4, which is our Super Bowl and World Series all rolled into one. And the reason we like to compare this time of year with major sporting events is because we know the value of adopting the mind-set of a professional athlete. These are just a few of the lessons we’ve adopted to ensure peak performance during this crucial time of year.

First and foremost, we reconnect with our coaches. All great players have a great coach guiding them, inspiring them, and helping them push past their comfort zones. Mentors are an integral part of the Mela Group training program for this same reason, and everyone – even Michael, our company President – has a coach they check in with on occasion to make sure they’re on track.

Another great lesson? Train to win. World-class athletes might get lucky from time to time, but they don’t rely on it. What they do is put in countless hours of focused effort perfecting their craft and honing their skills. For us, this means embracing a continual learning habit so that we’re always on the cutting edge of our field.

One final lesson is to learn from the competition, but don’t get distracted by them. When we pay too much attention to what others are doing, we lose sight of our own goals. Everyone has to run the race or play the game in the way that best complements their strengths.

With these ideals in place we’re certain Q4 2019 will be our best fourth quarter yet. Follow Mela Group on Instagram to watch us score big.

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