PRESS RELEASE: MELA Group Travels to Dallas

LONG BEACH, CA – The President of MELA Group highlighted a conference team members recently attended in Dallas, Texas. He also outlined a few key networking strategies that make every business trip worthwhile.

Members of Team MELA Group receive all kinds of travel opportunities, with the most recent taking them to the heart of Texas. A few of the firm’s top performers made the trek to Dallas for a national leadership conference, where they learned valuable tips on training and goal setting. Michael, the firm’s President, explained that Nicole, Gustavo, Kimberly, and Daniel accompanied him to this prestigious event, which brought together some of the biggest names in the customer acquisition industry.

Along with freshening their existing skills, team members who ventured to Dallas gained some bright ideas to implement into their daily efforts. By listening to keynote speeches, attending workshops, and interacting with high-achieving peers, the firm’s associates returned to the MELA Group office more inspired than ever to hit challenging targets.

The Dallas conference was truly a national event, so there was a lot to learn about what’s working in markets all across the country. Michael added that the firm’s attendees built up their networks as much as their knowledge bases. He noted that team members returned home with an array of potential business partners and sources of winning advice.

MELA Group’s President Shares Simple and Effective Networking Strategies

Michael explained that taking the right approach into any networking event is the essential first step. MELA Group team members craft effective elevator pitches before every conference so that they get each discussion off to a productive start. If created and delivered properly, these pitches invite questions from potential contacts that lead to long-term connections. The President added that rather than coming on too strong, the firm’s associates lay the groundwork for memorable conversations with their detailed elevator pitches.

It’s also important to offer something of value when adding new contacts. MELA Group associates set the tone for each networking discussion by bringing something of value to the table. Whether it’s an introduction to another contact or some type of professional expertise, Michael explained that team members make it clear that they’re going to be helpful contacts far into the future.

Following up soon after an initial meeting is another key element of successful networking. The President noted that team members send emails or texts to their newest connections within a day or two of meeting them. From there, regular check-ins provide further fuel for strong relationships.

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