Our Drive to Succeed Never Wavers

Being competitive is a huge part of succeeding in our industry, so Team Mela Group never takes anything for granted. We continue to push ourselves even as we zoom past our ambitious growth goals. Like the world’s top athletes, we always look for ways to gain and sustain an advantage over our competitors. Our work atmosphere makes it easier to do these things in the following ways:

• Plentiful Learning Opportunities: There’s no shortage of options for us when it comes to sharpening our skills. We pair every new hire with a seasoned mentor, but that’s only the beginning. Ongoing training sessions are the norm for us, as is regular feedback that helps us refine our methods.

• Travel Incentives: We get lots of chances to expand our horizons through travel. We represent Mela Group at leadership conferences and all kinds of networking events. Being around accomplished people stokes our competitive fires more than just about anything else.

• Frequent Recognition: Whatever wins we rack up, we can be sure we’ll be rewarded for them. Hard work is recognized as well, even if the end results aren’t quite what we envisioned. For our leaders, it’s all about showing us that our dedication is valued.

These are a few of the factors that guide our winning mind-set. For more on our competitive drive and team achievements, follow Mela Group on Facebook.

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