One Powerful Tool That Will Enable Team Success

We are always on the lookout for new ways to grow the MELA Group. One of the tools we have been exploring is the stop-start-continue drill. It is an extremely simple leadership exercise that is intended to improve communication and empower team success. It can be applied by leaders at any level and only takes a little time to get started.

The first stage is stopping habits that are bad for productivity and replacing them with more positive practices. For example, it suggests that leaders delegate more often. It also advocates clear and consistent communication. By getting rid of common negative habits and picking up more helpful ones, leaders will quickly increase team productivity.

The drill suggests a few other helpful practices as well. One of the secrets to MELA Group’s success is our goal-setting practice. We were excited to learn that this is one of the habits the stop-start-continue drill advises. Others include working on emotional intelligence, and giving open and honest feedback.

Finally, the tool involves continuing practices that work well. Anything that builds trust and brings people together should continue. Also, according to the drill, leaders should keep getting feedback and data that can help them adjust their practices.

The aim of stop-start-continue is to give leaders a way to think through what they should change about their methods, and we find it quite helpful.

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