Simple Ways to Impress Potential Contacts

When it comes to successful networking, making a strong first impression is vital. That’s why we’ve implemented the following simple but effective strategies into our efforts to expand our MELA Group contact lists.

Well-developed elevator pitches are essential in our networking exploits. In about 30 seconds, we do our best to deliver compelling introductions that cover the bases with regard to where we work and the unique value we can provide.

After we’re finished with our pitches, we ask open-ended questions that get other people talking as much as possible. We’ve learned that the more potential contacts get to talk about themselves, the more likely they are to remember us (and MELA Group itself) in a positive light. We listen carefully for areas of common ground on which we can build strong foundations for helpful bonds.

We’ve found that body language plays a big role in the first impressions we make. That’s why we stand up straight with our shoulders back a bit during networking events. We also maintain open postures that communicate our interest in forging meaningful connections with people. Combine all this with steady eye contact, and you have a recipe for a positive impression.

These simple first impression strategies help improve our networking efficiency. Find more of our best tips for growing a helpful contact list by following MELA Group on Instagram.

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