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As we pursue our lofty 2020 growth goals, we’ll also be looking for top-tier talent to join Team Mela Group. When we set out to build our team, we look for a few key attributes and behaviors from candidates. We want to find people who are passionate and energetic about the work we do. It’s also important that a potential hire displays confidence during the interview. These are a few other things we always look and listen for when gauging would-be additions to our team:

• Preparation: We always like to see that a person has done his or her homework on Mela Group before coming in to meet with us. It doesn’t take a whole lot of time or effort to study our website and social media pages, after all. When candidates can make a compelling case for why they’d fit in with us, we’re always impressed.

• Open Minds: Anyone we bring on board will need to be ready to learn new things every day. People who have pushed beyond their comfort zone to improve are ideal candidates as far as we’re concerned.

• Follow Up: There are few better ways to make a positive impression than to send a thoughtful thank-you message after an interview. We love to see unique notes of gratitude after we’ve met with jobseekers.

These are just a few of the things we like to see and hear from potential hires. For more on how we approach the hiring process, follow Mela Group on Newswire.

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