Clear Priorities Make for Simpler Workdays

We’re all about keeping things simple around the Mela Group office, knowing that we only have so much time and energy in any given workday. For us, having clear priorities in place is a key part of staying on the right track. Here are a few strategies we apply to make sure we’re directing our efforts in the most productive ways day in and day out:

• Categorize Tasks: We separate the projects we have to get done from those we should do or want to complete. By doing so, we give ourselves the best chance to stay ahead of the curve while still crossing things off our to-do lists.

• Let Things Go: Sometimes we just have to pass on opportunities or extra projects when they don’t line up with our most important objectives. By saying no when needed, we allow ourselves to focus on more pressing matters. We can take a lot on our Mela Group plates, but we know better than to overextend ourselves.

• Set Aside Distractions: There’s no reason to let email alerts and other notifications distract you from your work. We have special phone-free times in our workspace and check our email at strategic points throughout the day. The end result is consistent focus on the things that really matter in the moment.

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