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Why take an office job when you can let your career expand with MELA Group? People from all walks of life have joined our team to receive hands-on training and get the chance to work with the brightest minds in the industry. We develop people into leaders by helping our team members turn hard work into management promotions in no time at all. From professional development to exciting travel opportunities, with MELA Group, you’ll go further, faster − because we show you how.

Gain expertise in connecting others with top-rate technology solutions. MELA Group provides you with the resources to reach your career potential as you learn how to:

o Effectively articulate thoughts and ideas
o Educate others on cutting edge wireless technology
o Identify potential markets and customers
o Lead small teams

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Every professional needs a solid network and we know just how to connect you with the people you need to know. MELA Group’s team members attend conferences and industry events where we meet business leaders and mentors. Learning and growing opportunities should extend beyond internal training. Are you ready to expand your horizons with us?

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The education and tools you need to take charge of your future are here at MELA Group. You just need to seize these opportunities and realize your career ambitions.

Let’s Succeed Together

We want our people to thrive as individuals. At the same time, we want MELA Group’s team to succeed. We know that when we harness talent through collaboration, the energy created builds and the results are unbelievable. Come join us as we work toward common goals, while you achieve your personal objectives, too.

Could This Be the Right Place for You?

Are you ready to let your innovation soar while taking control of your career destiny? Here are the qualities we look for:

• Self-directed
• Love to collaborate
• Teamwork-oriented
• Motivated toward personal achievement
• Boundless energy
• Articulate

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Ready to reach for the stars? With MELA Group, you’ll discover the training and opportunities that lead to professional growth. Apply online today by sending your resume to and let’s see where you fit in with us.

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