How to Handle Some Iconic Interview Questions

MELA Group interviews are designed to be pleasant conversations. We ask open-ended questions whenever possible in order to encourage dialogue, and appreciate when our applicants have questions for us as well.

To make the process less daunting, here are some of the most iconic questions our managers might ask, and examples of how to answer them well:

“What Excites You Most About This Role?”: This inquiry is designed to find out how much research an applicant has done prior to the interview. Learn not only about our company’s mission, but also some industry data. Then, tie this information to the role for which you are applying.

“What Professional Challenges Have You Faced Recently?”: The ability to handle adversity can be assessed by learning how strong someone’s problem-solving skills are, and then getting a feel for how they’ve dealt with obstacles in the past. If you encounter this query, handle it in three stages. First, discuss what happened. Then, talk about your approach to solving the matter. Finally, explain the outcome.

We genuinely enjoy meeting potential team members, and want to make the events as pleasant as possible for them. For more tips on how to interview well, follow MELA Group on Facebook.

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