MELA Group: Developing the
Next Wave of Experts

How MELA Group Takes Fortune 500 Services Into New Communities

Our focus is singular: We’re always working on creating the next wave of business managers who can extend the reach of the Fortune 500 companies we represent. In their hands, our campaign planning, sales strategies, and organic approach to customer acquisitions really gets results.

How MELA Group Creates Business Leaders

MELA Group represents a wide variety of clients, and that means we need to fill our ranks with business-minded people who can adapt to any terrain. That’s why our management and business training program is so focused. Our people learn the most cutting-edge techniques for being successful in this industry from experts who have achieved their own successes. We cultivate a fast-paced, team-oriented environment that accelerates learning so that the next wave of brilliant managers is always on the way.

Leading the Way With MELA Group’s Core Values


Industry Training and Knowledge

Our personalized approach to management training ensures our professional team has the industry expertise to promote your services where they’re needed.


Insightful Approach

When our partners and their customers win, we win, which is why MELA Group puts people first. Our team members are motivated because they have a clear path to advancement. We make their professional development a priority so that you get to work with top-notch experts in in-home product presentations. Let us apply our market insights to create effective face-to-face solutions for your brand.


Faster Achievements

MELA Group is recognized for our excellence in in-home customer acquisition solutions that effectively extend market reach.


Guaranteed Conversions

The first step in converting customers into loyal fans is getting them engaged. This is what MELA Group does best. Through face-to-face presentations, we directly offer your services to eligible people, providing them with the most persuasive reasons for choosing your services as their telecom provider.

We’ve tackled initiatives of all sizes and generated breakthrough results with every campaign. Because of our unbeatable success rate, firms large and small trust MELA Group to represent them across California. We’ve expanded into San Diego, the Inland Empire, and Long Beach to serve major league sports clubs, national telecommunications companies, and wireless service providers with our customer acquisition solutions. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 or a local brand, you’ll find our solutions are the perfect fit. Get in touch to find out more.

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